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1 a univalent chemical radical derived from ethylene [syn: vinyl group, vinyl radical]
2 shiny and tough and flexible plastic; used especially for floor coverings

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  • , /ˈvaɪ.nəl/, /"vaI.n@l/ or , /ˈvaɪ.nɪl/, /"vaI.nIl/
  • Rhymes with: -aɪnəl
  • Rhymes with: -aɪnɪl


  1. In the context of "chemistry|uncountable": The univalent radical CH2=CH−, derived from ethylene
  2. Any of various compounds and substances containing the vinyl radical, especially various tough, flexible, shiny plastics
  3. In the context of "collectively|uncountable": Phonograph records as a medium
    Many DJs prefer vinyl to CDs.



  • (containing the vinyl radical): vinylic

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  • See the Noun section above

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A vinyl compound is any organic compound that contains a vinyl group (also called ethenyl), −CH=CH2. These are derivatives of ethylene, CH2=CH2, with one hydrogen atom substituted with some other group.
A related phrase is vinylidene which stands for the vinyl residue in an organic compound for instance in 1,1-dichloroethene.
The vinyl group forms part of the allyl group and is also contained in all acrylates. Many alkenes contain a vinyl group.
The vinyl group can be made to polymerize, forming vinyl polymers. In these polymers, the double bonds of the vinyl monomers turn into single bonds and the different monomers are joined by single bonds. This is an instance of addition polymerization. There are no vinyl groups in the resulting polymer. It is also important to ascertain the absence of unreacted vinyl monomer in the final product when the monomer is toxic or reduces the performance of the plastic.


Main article: Vinyl polymer


The etymology of vinyl is the Latin vinum = "wine", because of its relationship with alcohol (in its original sense of ethyl alcohol).
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